Natural Tips for More Energy

March 19, 2021
  1. EXERCISE- Exercise leads to higher brain dopamine which helps heighten your mood and energy. Also, it is proven that those who regularly exercise sleep better!
  2. SLEEP- I am actually not going to tell you to sleep more but rather when you sleep soundly and wakeup to try not to lounge. When your body is up, get up! When you start to commit to exercise your body will rest better. It is most common that people thing they need more sleep.
  3. FOOD- Be mindful of what you eat and know that foods can energize you or slow you down. Eat foods with low glycemic index like nuts, whole grains, high fiber, vegetables etc.
  4. USE CAFFEINE TO YOUR ADVANTAGE- Coffee and caffeine CAN HELP produce more energy but if you have too much or consume it after 2pm it can actually cause insomnia.
  5. DRINK WATER- One of the first symptoms of lack of water is FATIGUE. IF you are feeling tired then up your water intake!
  6. STREAMLINE- Lastly, overwhelm and stress can quickly deplete your energy. Do your best to prioritize and streamline your must haves for your to do list. Prayer, relaxation, massages and more can all help with relieving stress.